Olivia Levine-Gorelick


Because of the societal constructs humans have created, there is a tendency to desire an image of ourselves that is everything but the ones we were inherently born with. The differences we are born with are rarely celebrated to their fullest potential, as differences have been historically shamed resulting in racism and prejudice. I wanted to convey a means to overcome and face individual battles with self and society, in hopes of encouraging acceptance of oneself. Recognizing individuality as beauty can be liberation from the chains of conformity. I cannot speak for my subjects’ experiences as if they are my own, but I can try to create an environment where they can speak for themselves and bring awareness to the struggles, however seemingly large or small, people may face.

The accents of gold glitter are symbolic of self love. When we think of gold, we immediately assume treasure, value- something that’s highly regarded. My hopes for this series is to share Olivia’s story, an insecurity shared amongst many and to remind the viewer that it does not make a difference what your personal struggle is, your skin is gold.

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